Turn Ideas into Products with Text to Image Gen-AI especially built for Furniture

Use a simple text prompt to bring your furniture design ideas to life using the power of Doocan generative AI.

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Sideboard made of mangowood in modern style

Dining Table with rectangular table top and wegner legs

Step 1
Write a
text prompt.
Enter a description of the furniture design you want in the prompt field. Be specific. For example, Dining table made of mango wood with a round table top and trestle legs. Remember, the better you structure the description, the better the image quality.
Generated by Doocan AI ...
A modern and classic wooden dining table
Generating your dream furniture....
Step 2
Generate your,
When you are happy with your prompt, click Generate and watch Doocan AI transform your furniture prompt description into a visual image.
Doocan AI
What Future Holds
We are making business more creative, productive, and personalized with artificial intelligence as a co-pilot that.
Manufacturability Assessment
We assess your selected product ideas for production. We may recommend changes keeping applicable regulations and desirable product properties in mind.
Actionable Pricing
Our AI-driven pricing engine calculates the best price for your product based on factors such as bulk orders, material size, and delivery time.
Product Manufacturing & Delivery
Upon acceptance, we start the manufacturing process and ship the finished products to you. We take care of everything from production to delivery, so you can relax and enjoy the results.
Beta Launch

We invite you to experience our pilot release, where you can try out our ideation model for free. For now, the model is limited to dining tables, but we are working hard to expand it to other types of furniture soon.

Start Generating

What our AI can do

Dining Table with rectangular table top and wegner legs
Dining Table inspired by a peacock
Sideboard made of mangowood in modern style
Dining Table with pedestal legs
Sideboard in traditional style


We are making business more creative, productive, and personalized with artificial intelligence as a co-pilot that turns designs not just into images but into real life products.

How should I structure my prompt to get the best results from the Doocan AI platform?

For best results, provide a clear and detailed description of your furniture design in the text prompt. Specify materials, leg type, table top shape, and finish. The more information you provide, the better the AI can interpret and visualize your design accurately. For example, you can type “Dining table with a round table top and pedestal legs made of acacia wood.” The text to image generator will then produce an image that matches your description.

What kind of furniture can I design with Doocan AI?

Presently, Doocan AI exclusively focuses on dining tables. However, we are actively working on extending its capabilities to a broader range of furniture types in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion efforts.

Will you keep improving this generative model?

Yes, indeed. This is the beta version of our model, and our dedicated team of data scientists works around the clock to enhance its capabilities, ensuring you receive the best possible experience.

Can I make iterations on the generated image?

Currently, no. You cannot make changes to the same image. However, we’re actively working on functionality that will allow you to iterate and modify generated designs.

Is there an option to save the generated images?

Yes, you can currently save the images locally on your devices or folders. Soon, we’ll introduce a functionality to download and save your generated images directly within your dashboard.

What does “idea to product platform” mean?

Our platform goes beyond converting ideas into images. We are developing manufacturing, pricing, and production models to turn your design visions into real products. Stay tuned for these upcoming features.

How can I access Doocan Generative AI?

Simply sign up at Doocan.io to access and leverage the capabilities of Doocan Generative AI for your creative projects.

Are there limitations on the number of images I can generate daily?

Yes, currently, users can generate up to five images daily. This ensures a balanced and optimal user experience on our platform.

Is the Doocan AI generative model for everyone?

This model is for furniture businesses and folks keen on generating new product ideas. It caters to those in the furniture industry looking to create innovative product lines, visualize design ideas, and fancy seeing them come to life – especially if you’re eyeing manufacturing in India – then this tool is your creative sidekick!

What if the image doesn't align with the intended description or my vision?

In such cases, consider tweaking your text or prompt to better communicate your desired outcome. Experimenting with different descriptions can often lead to the image you have in mind!

What is Doocan AI

Doocan AI is an AI powered idea to product platform that turns your ideas into reality by first converting them into visual images and then bringing them to life as real products.